Mighty Fortress Church Is Changing Lives In New York And Around The World

Mighty Fortress Church is one of the largest churches in New York City. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Mighty Fortress Church has several services throughout the week, and all of them are displayed live on television. The church services are filled with dancing, singing, and amazing preaching. The pastor of Mighty Fortress Church, T.R. Williams, brings in speakers from all over the world. He also brings in healers, prophets, and more. The church is known for actively serving the community by raising money for special causes, feeding the hungry, and finding the homeless a place to live. Visit riverviewbaptist.net to know more.

What makes Mighty Fortress Church different from all other churches is the way the ministry treats people. Mighty Fortress Church has an entire department dedicated to keeping in touch with members and visitors. Members and visitors receive random emails and calls to see if the church can do anything to help them.

Mighty Fortress church is also different from all other churches because the only ritual they have is love. They do not have a set schedule they go by in each service. They allow the spirit of God to move upon the congregation. Watch this video on Youtube.

Mighty Fortress is known for having members and visitors from all different walks of life. No one ever has to be ashamed to walk through the doors of Mighty Fortress Church. Regardless of nationality, language, or religious preference, everyone is welcome.

Bishop T.R. Williams has been involved in church ministry for almost 40 years. He decided to start Mighty Fortress Church after getting tired of rituals and watching poor people give the little they had to churches that did nothing for them. Bishop T.R. Williams wanted to create a ministry where people are able to be free and enjoy themselves whether they have the ability to give a donation or not, and he wanted to establish a church built solely on the bible and not man-made rules and regulations.

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