Michael Terpins Best Partner in Crime

Michael Terpins is one of the greatest and outstanding rally racers in Brazil. In the midst of one of the most difficult routes to drive on (24th edition of the Sertões Rally), he still seems to gain great successes. According to “Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo lead the category” by DINO DIVULGADOR DE NOTÍCIAS [Published 06 March 2017 on www.economia.estadao.com.br] Michael says, “It was one very difficult stage and with very exhausting stretches. But we managed to have a very good pace and achieve a great result… He also experienced very dangerous gulfs and mountainous regions.

Although Michael deserves most of the credit, he wouldn’t have reached such high success without having important/influential people by his side. His brother Rodrigo Terpins and most recently Maykel Justo. Michael and Rodrigo finished in fourth place in the Prototype T1 race at the Sertões Rally. And with Maykel Justo by his side, he participated in his seventh competition of the Sertões Rally. Surprisingly with it being their first time together, they made it up to the third stage. The third stage will comprise of winding roads, many erosions, and depressions. And will also have lots of great competition.

There’s a special characteristic in Michael that is out of the ordinary especially in a world where people seem to be very selfish and self-centered. Just by following his statistics as a racer, you can see he has something different in himself that people may not comprehend. Michael preferably seems to be at his peak when he is working with someone by his side in a pose to being alone. Any good racer of some sort can choose to work alone or as a solo act but he enjoys working as a team. He loves giving and receiving a helping hand from others. That’s what makes Michael so special, he loves to succeed not just alone but as a unit.

In conclusion, Michael is a very successful rally racer who not only can win in the midst of very tough competition but can also do it as a team.