Michael Burwell: Willis Towers Watson Will Be Getting A Loyal Chief Financial Officer


Willis Towers Watson, a leading insurance company with global solutions in the insurance industry has announced a change in the position of Chief Finance Officer. Michael Burwell will be replacing the retiring Roger Millay, who has worked for the company in the same position for a longer period. Millay chose voluntary retirement option after seeing the growth of the company, from a mare regional company to a global advisory entity in the insurance industry. The announcement of the new changes continues to highlight significant changes in the management structure of the insurance company.


Michael Burwell is expected to bring more than thirty-one years of financial experience in some of the leading financial consultant and auditing organizations in the industry. Michael Burwell will be a key member of the company’s team that is heavily involved in assisting various organizations to frame mergers and evaluation of a company in a diligent manner. Among other practical experiences, Mike is expected to bring in his experience in leadership skills, financial and auditing skills, and transactional services to an organization that is heavily involved in transactional practices.


In a recent interview, Michael Burwell noted that organizations have the capacity to solve their financial problems and technological complexities by incorporating the ideas of their workers. He notes that a significant number of employees have ideas about how the company can be improved or how it can cut the costs of operations hence remaining efficient in a competitive industry. Companies should, therefore, encourage their employees to come up with ideas. The ideas brought about should be evaluated and implemented or improved, depending on their financial and technical feasibility.


About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell will be joining Willis Towers Watson after working for more than thirty years at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. This is a clear demonstration that the insurance company will be getting an experienced worker, who understands the nitty-gritty financial aspects, which needs to be solved with the aim of helping the company move forward. The Graduate of Michigan University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration has consistently proved to be a standout employee throughout his career.


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