Michael Burwell Will Be Leading The Way At Willis Towers Watson Going Forward

Michael Burwell was recently named as the new chief financial officer at Willis Towers Watson and as some are already aware, he has built quite a name for himself within the industry. He spent the previous 31 years working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP and these experiences are what will allow to lead Willis Towers Watson in their future endeavors.


Burwell spent his first 11 years at PwC working with audit clients who required assistance from the company’s assurance practice. After the first 11 years had concluded, PwC elected to promote Michael Burwell into a partnership role. He also asked to start the company’s transactions service practice that is located in Detroit.


The success that Michael Burwell had at this location is what spurred the company to install him as the leader of their entire central region operation. Michael Burwell would soon become the leader of PwC’s United States transaction services team and these are the experiences that Willis Towers Watson is hoping to gain from.


Now that Willis Towers Watson has reached a certain point in their overall evolution, they need a leader who understands how to navigate the changing climate. As someone who has worn a wide range of hats during his stint at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, Burwell is equipped to handle all of the problems and hurdles that are going to come his way.


Burwell is not looking to make any sort of major changes, though. He finds himself impressed by the company and believes that they are already on the right path. Roger Millay is the outgoing chief financial officer and Burwell has praised the work that he has done in the past.


Willis Towers Watson has already established themselves as an important name in this field. The status quo does not need to be shaken up. The contributions that Roger Millay has provided have set the company up for a transition period that will go as smoothly as possible. The company shares the same commitment to clientele that he demonstrated during his stay at PwC.


Long term growth is just one of the many areas where Michael Burwell is going to assist the company in the future. Willis Towers Watson is in the process of achieving their true potential and thanks to this hire, they are placing themselves in the proper position to achieve it. He is not looking to make or break the company. Burwell is simply looking to push them to the next level. Go Here to learn more.



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