Michael Burwell And his Skills in the Financial Sector

Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer at Willis Tower Watson which is a company that deals with broking solutions. Burwell replaced Rodger Millay after he retired in October 2017. Michael Burwell has more than three decades of experience in finance and professional services because he had also worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. His previous job positions include serving as the head of Global Transformation.


He also has experience in auditing and helping organizations with issues such as valuation and pre-merger due diligence. Michael Burwell has a good understanding of managing a company and focusing on clients and his knowledge in finance will result in the growth of any organization that he works in. Willis Tower Watson has a team of able and dedicated leaders who collaborate to ensure that all the needs of the clients are met.


Michael Burwell studied at Michigan State University and got a degree in Business Administration, and he also holds a CPA. Willis Towers Watson helps clients by turning their risks into paths for growth. The company has close to 40,000 employees serving around the world to ensure that there is maximum service delivery to all clients of the company.


The company expands capital regarding power so that it can protect institutions together with individuals. With skills in financial advice, Michael Burwell is set to raise the bar for Willis Towers Watson so that the services they offer may expand more into the market and they will have more customers after they develop fully.


Michael Burwell took some time working on business advisory before he was elected as a partner after which he moved to Detroit at the operations hub of the company. His work was highly recognized, and he was even tasked with overseeing transactions in the central US area. After that, he became the Chief Operating Officer, and that transformed the company. Michael Burwell states that most of the ideas he has come from other people and they mold the plans to bring out things that lead to the growth of the company. He further attributes the growth of the company to technology because more tasks can be accomplished and that improves productivity. Refer to This Article for more information.



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