Michael Burwell And His Life Achievements


Michael Burwell spent over three decades working with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC), and during the time that he served in the organization, Michael Burwell was able to prove his team building and leadership skills. He held several executive positions in the company, and he brought a lot of success to the company throughout his time with the company. For over one decade Michael Burwell served PwC in the area of assurance practice, and he was focused on the services of the business advisory. Mike was elected as the partner to PwC in 1997, and he subsequently moved into the office of the organization that is based in Detroit and served in the area of transaction business. Michael Burwell focused his effort in Detroit, and after his success, Mike was recommended to take over the leadership of PwC where he now handled operations of the organization in the capacity of the central US transaction business. In 2009, Michael Burwell was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the general US business of PwC.


In 2012, Michael Burwell was the brains behind the expansion of the internal shared services of PwC, and during this period, he was serving a the Vice Chairman of Global and U.S Transformation. Michael Burwell is certified in the field of public accounting and also holds a degree in business administration obtained from the Michigan State University. Michael Burwell likes to begin his day with a feeling of accomplishment and spreads his bed every morning even if he might be away for a while say on a business trip. Michael Burwell is also keen on his health and has the habit of riding a peloton bike every morning the first thing out of bed while he thinks about what he is to accomplish in the day. Michael Burwell is a keen listener and is of the opinion that everyone has something interesting about them and sharing with each other goes a long way to boost productivity. Michael Burwell stays decisive and relentless throughout his business endeavors and this he testifies has contributed a great deal towards his success.


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