Meet Serge Belamant: A Passionate Coding Expert and the Co-founder, Zilch Technologies

The co-founder of Zilch Technology, Serge Belamant, is passionate and skilled in the field of coding digital financial transaction software. This has enabled him to be on the forefront in the building his reputation throughout the industry and he has been very valuable in many technological achievements that have revolutionized how the banking industry as whole works. He is an expert and a patent holder in the blockchain technology industry. He aided in the development of the offline chip in the VISA card in 1995.

Background of Serge Belamant

He was born in France but shifted to South Africa at the age of 14 after his father sorts a job as a tiling worker. He attended the Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University to pursue computer sciences and Technology. In 1989, he started his first company, Net1 UEPS Technology that developed the Universal Electronic Systems. He had designed the system himself that could enable the transfer of funds throughout the Country which is now in use as far as Iraq and Russia. His latest venture is the Zilch Technologies which is a UK-based firm. Serge Belamant also sits in the Board of Advisors in the Prism Group Holdings and the Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions. Find out more about Serge Belamant at

Zilch Technologies

It was interesting how social media has become very influential in the current world. Through discussion with his son Philip, he realized there is a market niche in the social media space. His idea was to leverage it to offer financial products to the younger generation in the method they can easily understand. The products by Zilch Technologies is able to sync the people’s information on their habits of saving and spending and to provide personalized data and a guide to improve these people’s financial situations.

The company makes money from the made products that meet the needs of the people. Serge Belamant believes in solving a need for someone even before they realize that it actually exists. According to Serge, it took some time for him to break-even but he doesn’t regret anything for he says it was necessary to learn the hard lessons required.

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