Meet Pickle Ice Cream, The Latest Bizarre Food Trend

In case you haven’t noticed, people love keeping up with the latest trends. Sometimes that leads them to try bizarre food concoctions all because other people are doing it too. These bizarre food pairings are also a social media trend. People get bragging rights if they’re the first of their followers to post about trying something new and strange on Facebook and Twitter. The latest combination appears to be pickles in ice cream.


For whatever reason, liking pickles has long been trendy. There are countless videos, recipes, and posts about recipes that incorporate pickles and dill flavors in untraditional ways. This latest pairing sounds absolutely disgusting to probably the vast majority of us. There are some hardcore pickle lovers out there who will try absolutely anything, however. According to GrubStreet, Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. opened a new location in New York and their menu seems pretty standard. They have chicken, shrimp, and vegan dumplings as the name applies. They do have something that is catching the attention of people all over.


The dessert menu features a pickle flavored ice cream. As strange as it sounds, there were people out there who were excited to try it. The reviews were slightly mixed but the vast majority of people seemed to enjoy the ice cream. The reason may surprise you. Many people were surprised to find that the pickle-flavored ice cream really didn’t taste that much like pickles at all. Many people noted that the ice cream only had hints of pickle and tasted more like cucumbers instead. The consensus was that the ice cream was actually light and refreshing. Many diehard pickle fans were upset to find that it didn’t taste like pickles at all. To them, it was a bit of a let down because the company didn’t truly commit to the whole experience. They feel that the company just claimed to make pickle ice cream for the “shock value” but in the end, they went the safe route.


Whether the reviews are negative or positive, the pickle ice cream is the latest trend which might be here to stay. People love the unique.