McDonald’s Still Makes Amazing Munchies But Eatery Not Installing Pot Pods

Marijuana and McDonald’s munchies are the perfect pairing, according to the surveys done for those who purchase pot in states where it’s legal to do so. In fact, one poll found that 43 percent satisfied their cravings at a McDonald’s fast food eatery after smoking weed.

Maybe this explains an internet “fake news” item that keeps gathering steam as the real deal. The well-regarded Associated Press has come out to declare the story is fake and not happening in the state of Colorado.

According to an item in Grub Street, an interesting food trend is all the rage, but it’s just a fantasy for some.

Get this, folks: The buzz is that Colorado McDonald’s franchises are converting play areas into pot-smoking centers. The Centennial State was the first to enable legal recreational marijuana sales, but locating 15 franchises there into pot-smoking centers is a hoax, ladies and gentlemen.

It is not true in the least, but photos had surfaced recently that depict pot smokers enjoying their weed under a see-through pod with the Golden Arches logo on the front. A bizarre-looking ventilation tube is attached to the pod, so the smoke goes up and out, and no one can smell the marijuana. Kids playing nearby in the McD’s Play Place areas would not be able to detect the pot scent.

A photo of the friendly pot-smoking pods was even debuted on YouTube in 2015. The photo is still circulating and has picked up speed three years later; that’s why the AP is trying hard to debunk the fake news story. Even the NY Times is wasting print about the alleged pot-smoking pods at the fast food restaurant chain in Colorado and trying to put a stop to the myth.