Matthew Fleeger Helps to Support Sadie Keller Foundation

Matthew Fleeger, chairman and executive officer, of Gulf Coast Western, LLC decided to help the Sadie Keller Foundation. He wanted to help her with the Annual Christmas Toy Drive by collecting more toys than ever before. The company donated over $14.000 dollars worth of toys to Sadie’s Sleigh her toy drive.

Sadie Keller is young girl that at age 7 was diagnosed with cancer. Sadie fought cancer for three years with blood transfusions, weekly chemotherapy, and fighting infections. She eventually started her own foundation to raise awareness of cancer, and she became an advocate for other children. Sadie says that having cancer made her think about others and what they have to go through.

Matthew Fleeger became inspired by Sadie’s story when he attended a fundraiser in 2018. He was impressed that she started The Sadie Keller Foundation. The fundraiser was held in 2018, at the Crespi Estate in Dallas. Being a cancer survivor himself, Matthew understood the physical and emotional impact cancer has on adults and children. That evening he made a $25,000 match donation that helped the Sadie Keller Foundation raise


For the Christmas Toy Drive he had 45 employees collect toys for the cause. These toys are distributed to children cancer patients that are hospitalized. Matthew is know for his skills in oil and gas exploration. He has an background in managing businesses in waste management, tanning, and food service.

In 1993, he founded a company called MedSolutions. This company handles the disposal of medical wastes and managing it. He eventually sold this company in 2007 for $59 million. After this, he became president of Gulf Coast Western.

He begins his day dropping off the kids at school and at the office organizing his schedule. He says that technology has made the oil and gas business an exciting venture. He thinks writing task lists is one of his most productive traits. He tries to visualize a positive outcome, when he takes on project.

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