Matt Badiali Points To Copper As A Possible Solid Investment For Natural Resource Investors In 2019 And Beyond

Once again, the natural resource investing expert, Matt Badiali, is raising the alarm on another solid investment opportunity. This time he is focusing his attention on copper and has recognized that the demand for this precious metal is far exceeding its supply. He believes this will be the case for a some years to come and is keeping his eye fixed on the copper market.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, Matt Badiali is one of the top minds in the natural resource investment sector. Unlike many other investors in the industry, who are finance experts first and sources of knowledge when it comes to oil, gas, or precious metals second, it is the other way around for Badiali. The man studied at Penn State University and received his bachelor’s degree in earth sciences during that time. He went on to earn his Master’s of Geology degree at Florida Atlantic University and was close to finishing his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina when a friend alerted him to his potential as an investor.

Matt Badiali believes that copper was down-trending in 2018 due to the emotions of investors. He points to the possible trade war with China as one motivating factor for people’s fears. He also agrees with a report put out by Bloomberg that revealed that the building of the Grasberg copper mine may be delayed. In fact, Badiali doesn’t believe that the mine will be constructed on time, at all. This should be of key concern to investors as Badiali has a lot of experience traveling to visit mines all over the world.

Matt Badiali, who now works with Banyan Hill Publishing, believes that an upturn for the copper market is likely due to a renewed interest in electric power, which relies on copper. He has also noted the growing interest in wind and solar power as well as electric cars and believes these will be additional factors in the coming rise of this natural resource. Looking to the future, Badiali would like his readers to be aware of the cyclical nature of the natural resource sector and those who are wise would pay close attention to his advice.