Mark Mofid Medical Career

The medical industry is changing in various ways. Many people are excited about the changes taking place in the field. Not only is new technology helping people stay healthy, but people like Mark Mofid can help patients live a healthy lifestyle.

Mark Mofid is a doctor who lives in San Diego. During his career, he has helped thousands of people live a better lifestyle. He believes that preventative health is the best way for people to avoid various illnesses. Some people wrongly assume that medical care has to be expensive. At his practice, he offers preventative care for a much lower price.


Attending medical school is difficult for anyone. Not only are the classes challenging, but many medical students have to work hard as well. Many people struggle to manage all of the hours associated with getting through school. Another major issue with attending medical school is the lack of sleep. Some medical students are so sleep deprived that it is difficult to concentrate in class.

Mark Mofid had a passion for becoming a doctor from an early age. Although medical school was hard for him, he was able to graduate and begin working in the field.

Hospital Work

Mark Mofid started working in a hospital before he graduated from college. Working in a hospital allowed him to gain valuable experience with patients. Although he enjoyed his work, he was frustrated with how the hospital operated. Many people struggled to regain mobility and strength after major surgery. Mark Mofid decided to open a practice to serve patients more efficiently.

Future Plans

Mark Mofid built a medical practice from nothing in the span of a few years. He has a thriving company that he is proud of. In the coming years, he plans to expand his client base into other areas.