Marc Sparks Details Key Principles for Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur with an extensive track record of developing companies from scratch and he’s put down many of his principles on paper in his book entitled “They Can’t Eat You”. It is an excellent treatise on the life of an entrepreneur and is filled with tips that can help others as they cultivate their own great ideas. He pulls no punches with this effort and even reveals painful lessons he’s learned from failures.

The title reveals his mindset on the importance of tenacity to someone trying to bring a business to life. The illustration that he gives is an apt one and it shows the advantages that humans have over wild creatures. A zebra having the worst day of its life becomes dinner for some ravenous predator. A human, on the other hand, can shrug off a misstep or failure and try again as Sparks has numerous times in his exciting career as an entrepreneur who’s focused on innovative business ideas.

People query Sparks often about why he is successful as they do anyone of substantial accomplishment and he gives a key insight. He articulates that he is at his best when challenges arise and he seems to perform better and dig in harder. When things get rough he is able to put everything in perspective and remember the many nice things in his life such as good health and family.

There is one aspect of the methodology that Sparks employs in his entrepreneurial ventures that he finds difficult to do. Opportunity abounds all around him but he’s stays focused on one project at a time despite the pulling of other ideas. He finds that each venture provides a wealth of concepts to develop and that helps him stay focused and able to direct all his energies into his current endeavor.

Marc Sparks has cultivated great expertise in building the right team to jump-start a new business. His knowledge and acumen for developing a framework that has a high probability of success is something he has deep experience in and letting go after the venture becomes viable is sometimes hard for him to do. He tends to fall in love with the new business and the staff that he assembles and stepping away so that others can take it to the next level is getting easier for him as he grows in his career.

An ability to analyze is one of his strong suits and he’s able to quickly ascertain whether an idea can be successfully developed into a viable product or service. He’s also not intimidated by technology that is complex and a good example of this is when he developed a software company despite having few computer skills. Marc Sparks has a passion and enthusiasm for what he does and his success is well deserved. Learn more: