Marc Beer Accumulated $42M To Build Startup To Help Women Worldwide

Marc Beer, the founder of ViaCell, has started a startup that targets to develop products that aim to cure pelvic floor disorders. The startup is Beer’s another contribution to the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals industry that he has served on for years. He started a startup called Renovia and is currently developing a product called the Leva.


Renovia’s Leva is aimed to help with the diagnosis and treatment of people with Pelvic Floor Disorders, especially with women. Pelvic Floor Disorders are ailments that affect the pelvic floor of the body. This part of the body contains and supports ligaments, tissues, and the urinary tract. One of the most known Pelvic Floor Disorder is the Urinary Incontinence, which is the uncontrolled leakage of urine. This affects over 250 million women globally and is almost not diagnosed properly. Because of underdiagnosed cases, the number is expected to be higher.


Leva will aim to cure urinary incontinence and other Pelvic Floor Disorders by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This is achieved through rehabilitation aided by technology devices which are Bluetooth powered and is developed by Renovia. Because of this, the Pelvic Floor Disorders will be cured even without undergoing surgery. Leva is one of the four products that Renovia is developing in order to provide therapy and diagnosis of other diseases.


The funding for the development has been answered by Marc Beer’s effort to accumulate $32 million Series B round funding. The other $10 million was raised through venture debt. Healthcare-focused investor The Longwood Fund, joined by Renovia, is the one who made the funding available. With this fundings, developing and testing of the four therapeutic and diagnostic products will be possible.


Thanking their investors, Marc Beer stated in one of his media conferences that he and his Renovia team are all grateful for the help that they received from their investors. He promised that they will make sure that their product will become the revolutionized tech that will uncover more about Pelvic Floor Disorder.


Marc Beer is the founder of Renovia, a company which is focused on giving technology-driven products for diagnosis and therapy. He is also the one who founded ViaCell, a company which provides services for the preservation, collection, and the development of stem cells found in the umbilical cord. ViaCell was acquired by PerkinElmer on 2007. He is also the current chairman of the board of directors in both Good Start Genetics and Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Marc Beer is also one of the leaders in Miami University Business Advisory Council. He founded Renovia last August 2016 with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. Marc Beer has been in the pharmaceutical scene since the start of his career more than 25 years ago. Learn more: