Manaira Shopping Centre – the Most Fun Place in Brazil

One of the largest and most entertainment-oriented shopping centres in the world is located in Joao Pessoa in Brazil. The place is called Roberto Santiago Monaira Shopping Centre and it is a fun and leisure haven. The Monaira Shopping Centre features all kinds of food places and stores. There are pizzerias, cafes, restaurants, ice cream houses, boutiques, stores for accessories and shoes and much more.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was created from the sense of fun and creativity of Mr. Roberto Santiago. He was born in July, on the 16th in 1958. He was born is Joao Pessoa which is also the hometown of the Manaira Shopping Centre. Mr Roberto Santiago majored in the studies of Business Administration. He received his master’s degree from the University Centre in Joao Pessoa which is referred to as UNIPE for short. Mr Roberto Santiago began his career of entrepreneurship with a single investment. He took a chance on a small placed called Café Santa Rosa. Later he established another shopping mall as well which is called Mangeira Shopping mall. Among Mr Roberto Santiago’s passions are sports. He has been a participant in many competitions and has amassed an impressively large collection of trophies from taking part in motocross and karting competitions. Read more on

Some of the most impressive features of the Roberto Santiago Monaira Shopping Centre are the enormous cinema, the Game Station. The Domus Hall, and the Food Court. The cinema is designed to resemble a stadium in the way the seats are arranged. It can house a few thousand people and it even has its own cocktail bar. The luxurious cinema has a few 3D rooms and a few VIP rooms that can be reserved for a special occasions such as birthdays, parties, or just a special night out with friends. The game Station spreads across 1 800 square feet of space and sports more than two hundred game machines to satisfy every gamer’s dreams. The Domus Hall was added on the roof of the mall. It was a way to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Roberto Santiago Monaira Shopping Centre. The Domus hall is essentially a stage in the open. There are often concerts and it is also available for reservations. The food court is quite large. There are all kinds of cuisines from all across the world. There is also a designated Gourmet Space within the Food Court. There, people can treat themselves to a luxurious steak meal and dessert.

Mr Roberto Santiago is currently 60 years old. He spends a lot of time at the Monaira Shopping Centre. He shared in an interview that his sense of fun has never faded and he wants to continue creating places that will help other people retain their sense of fun as well. Read more articles at