Malcolm Casselle: The Success of Worldwide Asset Exchange

Worldwide asset exchange is a decentralized marketplace that operates through a peer to peer network that enables the exchange and trade of virtual assets seamlessly and securely. It is based on the use of the same technology that powers bitcoin blockchain and smart contracts which have been made popular by other cryptocurrencies. The current president of the Corporation Malcolm Casselle has recently managed to generate over $100 million for the company through the initial coin offering of its own cryptocurrency known as wax tokens. Malcolm Casselle believes that the digital asset marketplace which operates in a decentralized manner will be able to revolutionize the way that goods are traded and exchanged in the digital industry.

It should be able to eliminate both the issue of fraud and geographic fragmentation that has been prevalent in the virtual asset exchange industry over the years. The very nature of a decentralized marketplace and one that operates through a peer to peer network will enable users from around the world to conduct transactions without the need for an intermediary party. By implementing the use of their own cryptocurrency users will be able to trade goods using a single common store of value and will not have to use foreign exchanges. In addition by utilizing the blockchain, the issue of fraudulent activity will all to be eliminated due to the immutable nature of the blockchain.

Malcolm Casselle is most well-known as the president of worldwide asset exchange and as the chief investment officer of OPSkins. OPSkins is the world’s leading centralized exchange for virtual assets and the world’s largest merchant which offers bitcoin. Malcolm Casselle is a native of the United States of America who is a graduate of both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as Stanford University. He earned a bachelor’s degree and a Masters degree in computer science from both respectively. He is also known as a successful entrepreneur and one of the people who had the foresight to invest during the early stages of both Facebook and Zynga in addition to several bitcoin-related companies during their startup phases