Making Real Estate Happen For You Without Previous Experience Through Nick Vertucci’s Program

Most people look at real estate as one of the most complicated ways to make money. Some may even look at it in a similar way to medical school where you need to spend years of training in the field learning from others before you can even get started on your own. But Nick Vertucci is the head of a learning program that shows you just how quickly you can get started in it even if you have had no experience. His program is the NV Real Estate Academy which has hired some of the industry’s top instructors, but their focus is not to just keep their students in the classroom but also out working with contractors on home construction. The academy simplifies the real estate learning process that Vertucci practically taught himself over 10 years.

Nick Vertucci had many ups and downs in his life. He had faced poverty and homelessness in his early life and had overcome it the first time by figuring out how to start his own computer part sales business. He reached a good point in his life as his sales company took off including getting married, buying a home and starting a family. But when the 2000 tech crash occurred the business was wiped out, and Nick Vertucci once again faced poverty and had to sell nearly everything to keep from losing his home. But even while his straights were dire, he heard about something that would change his future forever.

It was a weekend event that Nick Vertucci was talked into attending by a friend where he first heard about what real estate could do. He didn’t know how to get started, but he began reading and determined he could make it work for him. In a few years Vertucci began buying his properties and started turning them into upscale rental units. The revenue began pouring in and he continued doing it. His debt eventually was paid off and he was finally able to do things with his family he had never been able to do before. Vertucci is retired now, but he is still passionate about real estate and is enthusiastic about hearing the stories of the academy’s alumni who’ve also built wealth through it.