Madison Street Capital Helps Mondak Potables Raise $3.2MM Debt

Madison street capital ended the year on a high gear after helping MonDak Portables LLC acquire a $3.2MM debt facility. In the deal that was announced by Madison street chief executive officer, Charles Botchway, the international financial management firm served as the exclusive financial adviser to MonDak in the transactions and negotiations leading to the award of this debt facility. Charles further added that the Madison team credited with this successful transaction was led by the hedge fund’s Senior Managing director, ester ‘Jay Rodgers.


Great response by MonDak


According to Rodgers, the process of sourcing for the debt financiers started by identifying Mondak Portable’s capital needs. He also adds that his team closely worked with the Mondak team led by Barb, Rick, and Cathy whose great response proved vital in closing the deal. The director would also praise MonDak’s leadership team, terming them best-in-class and with a solid growth that he believes are deeply rooted in the company’s diverse capabilities as well as its outstanding company organization.


Mondak Portables LLC specializes in the manufacturing, delivery, and servicing of Portable toilets in the upper mid-western regions. It also sells and rents out different types of portable toilets and their accessories such as hand washing stations, toilet trailers, and handicap toilets.


The company targets private parties, community events, and concerts as well as the oil exploration companies in the region as their target markets. These funds are aimed at helping the sanitation company fulfill some of its long-term projects like reaching more market and coming up with more innovative company products.


More about MonDak portables


MonDak Portables establishment and growth is to a large extent hinged on the sustainability of the oil industry at has for the past few years been blossoming in the upper mid-west region. Its management team acknowledges as this industry in the region flourished, so did the demand for restrooms to serve the workers serving in the oil fields. This need for proper sanitation in these fields would birth and proper the idea of MonDak’s portable toilets.


About Madison Street capital


Madison street capital is an internationally recognized alternative investment company. Unlike most other hedge funds, however, Madison street capital specializes in the facilitation of business transactions like mergers and acquisitions or helping companies access funds through structured and non-structured capital financing. According to its chief executive, the company rides on the Madison Street capital reputation of excellence and integrity in leadership that has earned it numerous customers and deals over the years.


Established in 2005, Madison Street Capital has gone on to become one of the biggest investment companies in the world. It has particularly spread out from its Chicago, Illinois headquarters to establish overseas organs in Asia and Africa. The brand is also poised to established more regional branches starting with the upcoming offices in Austin, Texas.


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