Luiz Carlos Trabuco Highlights Benefits Of Internal Recruitment At Banco Bradesco

Doubtlessly, most organizations must incorporate change as an integral part of contending their competitors or adjusting to emerging market trends alongside new technologies. Aspects of mergers, technological advancements, restructuring and process enhancements as well as transforming consumer demands are reasonably familiar in current business environments. Moreover, reasons for the change are generally attributed to the external and internal environment of an organization. This narrative will focus on the impact of internal changes of an organization with Banco Bradesco being the coin of illustration.

The Beginning of Change in Banco Bradesco

The recent past few months have seen Banco Bradesco experiencing great transitions. For starters, Brandao de Mello, the former president of the organization tendered his letter of resignation accompanied by a press release in which, he addressed the media. In his statement, he was categorical about reasons for stepping down being the need to allow a younger generation to take over. Also inclusive in the speech was his quest to serve as a role model to the younger generations according to Even so, he instructed the management of the bank to uphold some values like maintaining the scope of internal recruitment within the organization. From his reasoning, an internally elected leader would enforce the drafted values and ethics of the organization. Other than that, the same leader will be able to dispense the same services that Banco Bradesco has been administering. Moreover, he appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco to serve as his immediate successor as the board of directors chants its way into electing a new leader.

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Who is Luiz Carlos Trabuco?

Effective immediately, Luiz Carlos Trabuco assumed the position of Chairman Brandao de Mello. Of course, he has vast experience for more than 40 years in the management of the bank and issuing of the right services to clients. Therefore, it was pretty easy to take over and delve into advocating the viable business reforms for the institution. Sooner than later, he had accomplished much by uniting the employees and chanting a way forward into pension reforms and the importance of their approval by the government. Furthermore, according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, these reforms will dictate the manner in which Banco Bradesco instigates other improvements in future.

The New President

After serving for more than three months, it was time for the board of directors to replace Brandao and Luiz Carlos permanently. Therefore, they held meetings and discussed the way forward. In the meetings, the leaders in charge highlighted the critical proponents of Banco’s leadership structure and the way forward to making sure that Brandao’s legacy is upheld. After the meeting, it was concluded Octavio de Lazari fit the bill. Why? You may ask; because he joined the bank as a toddler. Moreover, he has over the years of work, garnered vast managerial experience that set him aside as a team leader and viable project manager. It is right to conclude that Octavio de Lazari will register outstanding performance as he takes over Brandao’s and Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s roles.

The Outline of Leadership

For Luiz Carlos, Banco’s leadership structure may take a transition, but the rules remain as he oversees the general management of the organization. Moreover, just recently, he championed the implementation of the pension reforms policies citing that this is the host of other reforms that will be implemented in future. Perhaps the change that Banco Bradesco is undertaking will shape the leadership structure after all. With that said, it is critical for employees to embrace rather than shun change in organizations.

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