Louis Chenevert Will Always Be Remembered As The Man Who Made UTC Great

Louis Chenevert has always been the kind of man to go the extra mile to get the job done right. As an entrepreneur, he looks at the world in a way that allows him to see opportunity where others may only see a difficulty. He was born in Montreal, Quebec and ended up going to the University of Montreal’s HEC Montreal Business School where he earned his degree in production management. After graduating, he picked up work with General Motors at St. Therese, Quebec and was put into the position of overseeing the company’s assembly line in Montreal.

Louis Chenevert ended up working with the company for 14 years before deciding to move on to work in another industry. He chose to work in the aerospace industry and was quickly hired by Pratt & Whitney Canada, which is a unit within the company known as United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Chenevert worked for Pratt & Whitney for years before UTC began to take notice of him. Due to his ability to cut down on manufacturing costs and his work by creating the geared turbofan GTF engine, UTC had been desiring to hire him on. Chenevert eventually became the president of Pratt & Whitney, but then UTC hired him to work for its company.

Louis Chenevert got to work right away for UTC and suggested that the company should heavily invest in the GTF engine. He knew that the engine would be a huge breakthrough in the aviation industry and was correct. UTC did invest billions of dollars into the development and design of the engine, and this paid off big for the company. When completed, the GTF engine cut down on fuel consumption by 16%, had a 20% improved fuel burn, took 30% fewer parts to make, cut down on noise by 50%, and reduced emissions by 50%. This was a huge step at the time, and the GTF engine is still used, to this day, in hundreds of airplanes. Louis Chenevert is now retired as the CEO and chairman of UTC, but his contributions to the company will never be forgotten.