Lori Senecal – Inspiring Face In The Marketing And Advertising Space In The United States

Lori Senecal is one of the most influential figures in the United States when it comes to marketing and advertising sphere. Her marketing prowess is well-known in the corporate sector and is a highly sought-after figure in the marketing and advertising space. Even though she come across a reserved and soft-spoken personality, Lori Senecal is highly talented marketing prodigy of sorts and has helped many national and international companies over the years to achieve their business goals by devising unique and concept-based marketing campaigns that assist with multiplying the revenue generation for the organization.

At present, Lori Senecal worked as the Global CEO of CP+B and was appointed to the post during March 2015. According to Ad Week, before becoming the Global chief executive officer of CP+B, Lori worked as the Global Executive Chairman of KBS + Partners and was also the President and CEO of MDC Partners for seven months. At MDC Partners, she was responsible for handling multiple international accounts and ensured with rapid business development, locally and globally, and created multiple revenue streams for the company. Lori Senecal holds Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Marketing and Finance from McGill University.

Due to her remarkable performance, Lori was promoted to the post of Global Chief Innovation Officer at McCann World Group. Lori Senecal’s expertise with international business helped the company to expand its business operations in many local, regional and international markets unexplored before. It helped with gaining the corporation many top clients, which helped the firm to increase its revenue manifolds. See, https://about.me/lori-senecal-official.

Lori Senecal firmly believes that any brand can make an impact through innovative and aggressive marketing campaign, and she enables it for her clients. While working at kbs+ partners, Lori helped the firm to become a company with 900 strong workforces, from 250 employees when she joined, in just a few months. One of the best aspects of Lori Senecal’s practical ethics is that she focuses her attention on both the clients’ projects as well as the internal work culture and business ethics followed by the company, which helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise. Under her leadership, kbs+ was named the best place to work in NYC by Crain, which is a remarkable feat. Lori Senecal was also named by Advertising Age as the women to watch in 2013. Check out Lori Senecal’s Tumblr page for more info.

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