Live Show On Health By Dr. David Samadi For Health Improvement

Dr. David Samadi is a very popular doctor in the USA, who is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital. Also, he is a board-certified urologic oncologist who is an expert in the diagnosis, detection, and treatment of kidney cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and urologic disease.

He was born in Iran and then raised in Persian Jewish Community. In 1979, Samadi and his brother had to leave Iran for Belgium, where they were to start a new life without their parents. They were both determined in accomplishing their goals and making their parents proud regardless of the challenges they were facing.

Samadi’s ambition was to become a doctor, which he later achieved. In 1984, he and his brother went to the USA, where their lives began to change for the better. After six years, David completed the school of medicine with honors from the Stony Brook School, where he specialized in biochemistry, and he then joined S.U.N.Y, which made him get awarded an M.D in 1994. He completed his postgraduate training at the Montefiore Medical Centre two years later.

Additionally, Dr. David Samadi went to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre where he completed an oncology fellowship, where he specialized in proctology. He got his first experience at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and then became the vice chair of the Department of Urology. David is married to Sahar Danielpour an Iranian with whom they are blessed with a daughter and a son.

Dr. David Samadi has performed more than 7000 prostate cancer surgeries whereby most of the patients became cancer free. He became successful through his method known as Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. Through this method, patients tend to lose less blood, spend little time in the hospital and experience no side-effect.

Also, patients find this method to be the best because it gives better results because all malignancies are removed in the best way. Apart from treating patients, he ensures he talks to patients about cancer hardship for patients to have a better future. He has been able to become successful because of the team he works with before, during and after the treatment process with a patient.

Dr. David Samadi has his show, Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi, which he hosts with the aim of informing viewers with the latest news that go in hand with the medical field. Also, the show focuses on some treatments. It airs on Sundays at 12.30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and viewers can view it on, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Live. He has some guests that attend his shows such as specialists in the medical field who discuss ways in which people can lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, the specialists answer questions concerning health. The best part is, viewers can ask questions when the show is on via telephone or email and get answers immediately.