LimeCrime, The Best in Vegan Free Personal Care Products

More people are choosing Vegan lifestyles; everything from the food they eat, the clothes they wear and the products they use. According to Top Trends in Prepared Food from 2017 stated that six percent of the population identifies themselves as Vegan, this is up just 1% in 2014

People are craving products that are better for them as well as for the environment.

There is a very high probability that those that choose to maintain Vegan diets, will also choose personal care items that have no animal by-products and cruelty-free.

Why Choose Vegan Personal Care Products:

Many people are choosing to live more natural lifestyles and along with this comes the desire to use products that are Vegan as well. But what’s the difference between natural, vegan and cruelty-free products?

  • Vegan: Vegan products are made without any animal by-products. This includes beeswax and honey, which are often found in make-up.
  • Natural products: These are made from ingredients that come from the earth that contain no synthetics or chemicals.
  • Cruelty-free: Products in this category are made without animal testing. Be careful as some products listed as cruelty-free refer to the finished product and not the testing that went into the individual products before it was manufactured.

LimeCrime to the Rescue:

LimeCrime has become a leading rand e not only because they are the perfect choice for those that choose vegan beauty products that are never tested on animals. Not only do they offer guilt-free beauty items, they have become a cult favorite, with a high profile in the social and digital space. They know their audience and markets to them where they are most apt to reach them—online and through social media.

Their innovative products are designed for males and females in innovative colors, not found in traditional makeup pallets.

Product Line:

Some popular items include:

  • Venus Palettes: Grunge eyeshadow in groups of 18.
  • Plushees: A variety of matte lipsticks
  • HI-LITE: Cheek highlighters
  • Makeup Brushes: For perfect application
  • Bundles: Sparkling eye shadows

If you’re looking for long-lasting, Vegan personal care products, check out LimeCrime today.