Lime Crime Makeup for You

There are so many different ways you can get makeup for your needs. You may not know what one is going to be great for you. Lime Crime may be just the makeup you are looking for.


This makeup was created because Doe Deere saw a need in the market for brighter colors. she wanted to wear something bold and fun and wasn’t finding exactly what she wanted. So, she created what she would wear and it became Lime Crime. The company continues to grow and change as her tastes change and new things are found within the makeup markets, but she is a constant.

Work Makeup Looks

If you work in a place that doesn’t allow you to have bright makeup, you might need soem muted tones. This brand has some that will work for you and will still help you to look great. You can use one brown or nude tone color to help cover blemishes or to help your eyes to stand out. While Lime Crime is made more for the bright stand out color, they still have options that will help you when you are at work.

Night Life

This brand also has makeup that is bright and fun. They offer many different tones that will go with any outfit you might wear out and about. From greens to reds and everything in between, you will find the perfect color for your outfit and your needs. You can even use more than one color for your makeup.

If you are looking for great makeup, this one may be exactly what you want. You only need to get a few different colors so you can see how they look on you and what you will like. You don’t want something that is not going to look great on you or go with your outfit. You can’t get this makeup in stores, so you will want to plan ahead and try it before your big night out or your work day.