Life And Educational History Of Michael Burwell, The Finance Guru

Mike J Burwell is a financial specialist whose passion for finance began back in the university. Michael was a student at the University of Michigan where pursued a bachelor’s degree in finance. The financial elite who has an experience of over 31 years letter studied Certified Public Accounting and was awarded a certificate in CPA on completion of the course and having passed all the exams brilliantly. At the moment, Mike is part of several committees and organizations like Wills where he has been recently appointed as the executive financial officer, at the Sacred Heart which is a rehabilitation center, Mike serves on the board. And he is also a partner of Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


Currently, mike has been appointed to take over the place of Roger Millay at Global who has been the chief financial officer before he decided to retire in August 2017. Michael Burwell has vast knowledge in finance, audit, and transactional services which he has gained from the several years of experience. Moreover, the finance specialist has been heading several dockets since he began his career which includes; senior officer at global transformation, he was also an operating officer and the chairperson of financial officers in the states. These skills have come in handy in complimenting his expertise in financial matters.


John who is the executive officer at Willis Towers says that they are glad and honored to have Mike in the leadership team. The officer also adds that they expect a drastic change in the firm’s finance department as they are hoping that Mike Burwell will bring transition and changes as a way of improving service delivery. Moreover, John goes ahead to admit his admiration for Mike’s dedication, deep understanding and value of excellent service delivery. And he believes that Michael Burwell’s financial, transactional and transformation skills are what Wills Towers require so as to increase their profit margin. Refer to This Article for related information.


On his part, Michael Burwell is grateful to his predecessor at Watson, who he says has been a role model and a pacesetter at the Watsons. Mike goes ahead to that the Willis Watson’s fraternity for seeing him best for the post and giving him an opportunity to work with them. In addition to this, the successful financial specialist recognizes the art of leadership and service delivery to the clients from the company. Mike says that he hopes to work with the fraternity towards the growth and success of Willis Towers Watson.


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