Let The Good Times Roll With Pork Roll Flavored Ice Cream

Modern day food trends have gone from grossly grueling, to delightfully delicious. Chefs and cooks have been very creative in their meals, coming up with tastes that will please and displease. They have found ways to deep fry everything from bacon to ice cream. They have mixed the unthinkable, and reminded people of old fashioned tastes that have been forgotten. The trend nowadays is to find something that no one would dream of putting together, and making a delicacy of it. Some things are good to the palette, and others may take some getting accustomed to.

The newest food trend in the Garden state of New Jersey is, get this, pork roll ice cream. This is a far fetched idea that has become a Jersey delicacy. It is hard to imagine the two flavors blending, but it is a dish that has a savory taste. The ingredients are ice cream, and pork roll, or Taylor ham as it is called further north. You would imagine that the pork flavor would overwhelm the ice cream, but the ham is cooked in the oven, then fried until it caramelizes. Pieces of french toast and maple syrup are added to cut the saltiness. The pork roll, or ham, had to have a bit of sweetness in order for this combination to work. Your text to link…

People are always thinking of creating dishes, and hope that they will appeal to someone. This New Jersey creation is now a delicious dessert for those who have a sweet tooth, and like ice cream. This idea came from a dairy farmer who, with a partner, created what is now one of the most requested ice cream dishes in a long time. With an idea, and initiative, many cooks can come up with a dish that mey seem impractical, but will appeal to the public. People will follow whatever is trending, so if you put it out there, it may take off. The most innovative creations, and new dishes, happen right in the kitchen of many cooks. This New Jersey trend will surely catch on in other states.