La Newyorkina Offering Ice Cream with Grasshoppers

Other than coming up with new flavors, there’s not that much that can be done to offer different takes on ice cream. However, one New York restaurant is apparently looking for adventurous diners that want to test their nerve with the introduction of insect ice cream.

That insect is a grasshopper and is part of what La Newyorkina, located in Greenwich Village, has on its menu item as a temporary addition through the end of July. As with all food items, should the innovative concept result in popular acclaim, it seems obvious that it will remain beyond that limit.

Those diners that want to try it out have to spend $12 for a sundae that has vanilla-chili ice cream at its core. Along with candied orange and caramel that’s laced with mezcal, the dessert manages to evolve from something soft into an item that crunches with every bite.

Since La Newyorkina serves Mexican food on a daily basis, the idea isn’t completely out of the realm of restaurant marketing. The owner of the restaurant, Fany Gerson, indicated that during her formative years in Oaxaca, Mexico, this was a popular snack that was akin to people eating nuts.

Simply getting the grasshoppers requires having a reliable source, given the reluctance by many people to even think about eating high-quality insects. That source is Merci Mercado, which handles all of the distribution and which took care of the legal issues involved.

In reality, the whole concept of gourmet bugs seems completely foreign to a business that has to concern themselves with otherwise keeping bugs out of their kitchens. Yet this is something that’s grown in popularity over the past few years and shows no sign of diminishing. More experienced diners often ask for the insects to be sprinkled on their ice cream.