KNR is Fostering Accountability at Work, Home and On the Roads

Kisling, Nestico, and Redick law firm represents clients who have suffered personal injury all through Ohio. The firm dedicates its time and resources in offering personalized attention to their clients are served are s justice so they can continue with their everyday lives within the shortest time possible. KNR delivers within and beyond the walls of the court and commits to helping those in need through their philanthropic deeds, while also seeking ways to make the world a better and safer place. For this reason, the law firm embarked on a ‘Driving While Distracted Awareness Campaign’ that would ultimately reward a $5000 scholarship contribution towards higher education tuition fees for the winner.

Distracted driving which takes the forms of radio station adjustment, texting, emailing and calling while driving, is responsible for about 25% of automobile accidents. Distracted drivers contributed to 39% of crashes that occurred in 2017 according to Highway Patrol of Ohio State. Kisling, Nestico, and Redick have taken it upon themselves to look out for rod users by coming up with the Don’t Drive while Texting KNR Scholarship. The scholarship required participants to come up with a plan that was to persuade youths to keep away from driving while distracted. The program had no confines and encouraged participants to come up with creative ways of achieving the set goal. It could be through strategies, proposals, and videos.

The scholarship winner was Elianna Norin, who received $5000 as the award for creating the best proposal. Her creativity outshone more than 400 applicants. Norin’s proposal equated texting while driving to a driver putting on a blindfold while behind the wheel. People would typically not respond to a driver using their phone while driving as much the passengers reacted when they feared that the driver had worn a blindfold. Therefore, this makes driving while distracted a tolerated habit which in reality, is deadly. The severity of being distracted while driving should be put out there for young people to understand how dangerous it can be. Eliana intends to pursue a degree in animation and graphic design in Art & Design, Savannah College. She hopes to be either a freelance creative or work in a studio after she graduates.