KFC Gets Naughty With Its Initials And UK Customers Forgive Chicken Shortage

A decade ago, this little joke would have been considered vulgar by many, but times change and so do people and their food trends. We’ll get to that cheeky advertisement in a moment.

KFC is having the last laugh today, but at the beginning of the week, customers were freaking out and ticked off across the pond. The fast-food giant had run out of chicken in England, according to an item in Food Grub. Yes, that actually happened, forcing the shut-down of approximately 700 KFC’s there last Monday.

That was a huge deficit for fried chicken lovers because there are 900 KFC locations across the U.K., and it was hard to find a KFC eatery to satisfy the craving for a bucket.

So, how on earth could a restaurant chain that specializes in chicken run out of its main course?

Reports say that KFC tried to cut corners with another distributor to save some money, and the new guys couldn’t keep up with the chicken demand. Customers cried “fowl” as the KFC powers that be starting closing their doors in areas like Newcastle, Suffolk, Surrey and Berkshire.

KFC came up with a brilliant ad campaign to say they were sorry and promised fresh chicken was on the way to the U.K. pronto.

The clever ad was featured here in newspapers on Friday like the Daily Mail. Parents might not like the message it implies if they have young children, but KFC went bold, and the cheeky ad has paid off big-time across social media.

The full-page ad features an empty bargain bucket of KFC with their usual “KFC” logo replaced by “FCK”.

The Twitter universe has gone wild with delight at the naughty “FCK” ad.

Concerning the chicken drought, KFC says “The colonel is working on it.”