Kerrygold Irish Creamery Butter Is A Highly Recommended Product

In recent years, the Kerrygold brand of Irish creamery butter has become a very popular product in the United States. According to a recent Eater article, Kerrygold is now the second-most-popular brand of butter in America, with only Land O’Lakes selling more of the rich and creamy product.

Sales of Kerrygold butter in the U.S. began in 1998 and have been steadily increasing ever since then. When the brand was launched in the U.S., Kerrygold decided to bypass traditional sales brokers, and sent trained interns from Ireland to distribute the product. To this day, the company still utilizes trained staff members to interact with customers in food stores.

When the sales of Kerrygold butter in America first started, the majority of the company’s U.S. business was done in the first quarter of the year. Many consumers at the time were apparently associating the butter only with the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Since then, the company has worked hard to position the butter as a product to be used year-round.

With its golden color and high butterfat content, Kerrygold butter is widely regarded as a ‘fancy’ or upscale product. Many food professionals and cookbook authors insist that Kerrygold butter is the best butter that can be used, especially when preparing baked goods.

The popularity of Kerrygold butter even caused the U.S. state of Wisconsin to temporarily restrict the sale of the product last year. In Wisconsin, butter is supposed to be graded for quality at the state level, and Kerrygold has not been graded by the state.

Interestingly, the Wisconsin rule requiring that every brand of butter be graded by the state, is the only requirement of its type in America.

In today’s fast-paced world, the simple purity that Kerrygold butter represents can be quite appealing. Now, I keep wondering how this butter would taste atop a stack of hot pancakes. Looks like I’m going to have to purchase a bar of it soon.