Ken Goodgame Announces The Introduction Of The ‘New At True Value’ Program

True Value introduces a new program aimed at promoting innovations in its dealers’ stores. The program, dubbed ‘New at True Value,’ was introduced during the corporation’s Fall Reunion, which was held in Chicago. The company seeks to use the new programs to boost sales and help its dealers benefit from their innovations.

Speaking during the announcement, Ken Goodgame said that he was pleased with the launch of the end cap. He believes that this strategy will be successful. Ken pointed out that many innovators do not get the chance to make a living from their creations because their products are not given special displays in different stores. This situation has seen many products sitting on the shelves for long. This is because customers do not notice them. According to the new program, products will only qualify to be featured if they are new both to the corporation’s stores and to the industry. They must also be developed to offer the users with more benefits than similar products in the market.

Most people do not notice new products, especially when arranged in ordinary shelves. At True Value stores, there have always been new items on display. The program is designed to make them more visible. This information was originally mentioned on HBS Dealer’s website as outlined in this link

The program will require identification of four new products to be featured every single month. These items will be shipped to all True Value stores and displayed appropriately. Moreover, the products will fetch low prices to ensure that clients can afford them. For instance, the first bunch of products will cost just under 50 dollars.

Ken Goodgame is a seasoned merchandising expert. He has worked for several renowned companies such as Ace Hardware Corporation and The Home Depot. Since 2013, he has been working at the True Value Hardware Corporation. Goodgame is the vice president of the corporation. In addition, he serves as the head of merchandising at the firm. Over the years, he has been actively involved in increasing the company’s global purchasing power to over $ 2.2 billion.

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