Kabbalah’s Prolific Growth in the Last Three Decades

Men have studied Kabbalah, which is frequently referred to as Jewish mysticism, for centuries, however, study was limited to mature men who were Torah and Talmud scholars, since studying the secrets of the universe is an esoteric discipline. The primary text used to study Kabbalah was the Zohar, a commentary on the Torah written in ancient Aramaic.


While Kabbalah dates back to the 13th century, few non-Jews ever heard the term before the Kabbalah Centre headquarters opened in Los Angeles, California in an area rife with Israeli expatriates. Although the Jewish couple who opened the Centre, Philip and Karen Berg, started out in Queens, New York, they make Los Angeles the flagship Kabbalah Centre for the worldwide organization. Philip Berg, known as Rav Berg, was an ordained Orthodox rabbi who taught Kabbalah as a universal wisdom and he believed that people didn’t need to understand Hebrew to use the practical tools Kabbalah offers.


Not associating The Kabbalah Centre with any religion, not even Judaism, helped the Bergs attract countless people seeking spirituality, although they do celebrate the Sabbath. Instead of God, The Kabbalah Centre talks about the “light”.


While Rav Berg has passed away, his wife and sons Yehuda and Michael continue to spread the wisdom worldwide through classes at more than 40 Kabbalah Centres worldwide and though online classes, lectures and discussions. The Kabbalah Centre’s prolific growth will continue as Rav Berg always included his family in the Centre’s day-to-day operations. Karen, who is listed as a spiritual director, is concerned with world peace, which she promotes through Kids Creating Peace, a Kabbalah Centre initiative.

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