JMB Holdings Making A Bid To Scoop Up Dunkin Brands

Multi-national JAB Holding is eyeballing another chain to add to its already impressive resume: Dunkin’ Donuts. The privately-held German investment corporation has been steadily adding to its coffee and donut empire since 2012, when they acquired Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

While rumors have been swirling about the deal for several months, it was unknown if the marriage would ever come to fruition. If it happens, this would add another 13,000 stores to JAB Holdings breakfast empire, and make it the second-largest chain in the U.S.

Chances are if it’s breakfast time and you find yourself in some lobby or drive-thru for a pastry and cup A Joe, you’re already lining the rather deep pockets of JAB Holding. They already own Krispy Kreme, as well as Bruegger’s and Einstein Bros., the two largest bagel chains in the country.

Other chains recently added to their stable include Sweden’s Espresso House, Mighty Tea Leaf, home and office brewing system Keurig, Stumptown and Intelligentsia and Jacob Douwe Egberts.

JAB Holdings is owned by the Reimann siblings. Before the foray into coffee and pastries, their passion was luxury goods. The company owned both Jimmy Choo and Belstaff, one of the most high-end sportswear companies in England. Just before the acquisition of Bruegger’s, JAB unloaded both Jimmy Choo and Belstaff, citing a strategic decision to focus on consumer goods.

While no one knows for certain why JAB Holdings suddenly developed a coffee obsession, it is assumed that the newly-acquired stock will have a positive effect on the company’s already extensive bottom line. If the Dunkin Donut move goes through, it will only be a matter of time before another coffee and pastry shop comes across their lawyer.