Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Commitment to Helping Others

New Yorkers have a new quick and easy way to find an attorney. The New York Bar Association has launched a website to provide referrals free of charge. The client simply goes to, completes a profile and is then matched with an attorney. The service is for those who don’t already have a referral service where they reside. If the client wishes to speak with the attorney, they pay a small $35 fee for a consultation. The service is designed to provide convenience by taking the legwork out of this seemingly daunting task. The attorneys win by being matched with better clients, saving them time and money on advertising efforts.


Jeremy L. Goldstein is a great corporate law attorney specializing in governance and compensation issues. He regularly counsels large corporations and management teams on sensitive issues. He’s able to negotiate and make recommendations based on his vast experience in the field. Goldstein not only manages his firm Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates but has prior experience as a partner at another prominent firm. His education in art history and law give him a well rounded appeal. Goldstein has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University, where he was awarded a cum laude distinction. His legal education is from New York University, where he graduated also with distinction in all subject areas.


Jeremy Goldstein’s advice isn’t only much coveted by his clients; Harvard University and NYU’s School of Law have featured his contributions in their scholarly publications. Goldstein’s liberal arts background is also put to good use in the social services sector of charitable nonprofit organizations. He’s held positions not only as a director but also as a member of the board of directors. Goldstein has been involved in this type of social work for well over nine years. Not only does he have legal credentials that impress nearly anyone, but also a humanitarian side showing his compassion to help people.


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