Jeffrey Aronin, the Compassionate Healthcare Entrepreneur

Jeffrey Aronin the founder and chief executive officer of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Incorporation has dedicated his life to healthcare improvement and development. Over the years, he has gathered precious knowledge on biotechnology and healthcare which is an inspiration to his work. Jeffrey Aronin’s expertise has been demonstrated through his leadership and innovation of healthcare at Paragon Biosciences where he is the chief executive officer and chairman. In his work, he applies the skill of an entrepreneur, looking for opportunity to invest and getting into investment in the market even where most biotech would not invest or look into because of uncertainty inn the returns. The driving force in his life has been the care for humanity and the need to ensure that everyone lives a healthy enjoyable life.

Jeffrey Aronin’s greatest work has been working on medicines and therapies that will help people suffering from rare diseases a chance to experience life. His work has enabled some drugs which was considered not marketable to be approved by the FDA because of successful clinical trials and the amounts of lives it has saved. Such deed was seen when his investment in a drug that would help a child suffering from chronic seizures, to grow up to a better life through therapy and use of a drug that was not approved in the states and was therefore expensive to the parents. Jeffrey Aronin sought to find approval from the medical board reliving the parents the burden of the expense and at the same time helping the child to develop a life. The child is now a grown adult with a family and successful career.

In conclusion, Jeffrey Aronin’s compassion and dedication has created a difference in the healthcare system with approval of more than thirteen medicine which was considered unnecessary in the market. His method of employing passionate innovators also allows the success in his work. It is clear that, Jeffrey Aronin is a role model whose character should be emulated by other healthcare, where human life should come before profits or money.