James Dondero of Highland Capital Management Issues $1 Million to Support The Family Place’s $16.5 Million Capital Campaign

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management Company. He has over three decades of professional experience in the management of equity funds and high-yield distressed investments. Since the company was incepted in 1993, he has pioneered its services and products which include Collateralized Loan Obligations and the development of credit-oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors all over the world

The company also offers award-winning products which includes hedge funds, CLOs, Private Funds, ETFs, REITS, and mutual fund. He is the current Chairman of the Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, CCS Medical and MGM Studios. He is an active philanthropist supporting numerous projects through campaigns and funds. In the recent past, he has actively involved I funding education and veterans towards a better public relations.

James Dondero has announced that Highland Capital Management Company has awarded $1 million in a challenge to the grant to aid The Family Place Campaign. The Family Place Campaign has announced that it is short of $2.8 million to reach their target of $16 million during the 21sy Annual Trailblazer Awards, the organization announced its new campaign to help family problems in the region.

The grant, which was awarded to the campaign through the Highland Dallas Foundation, is part of the philanthropic efforts Mr. Dondero is engaged in these funds will also match more than 50percent of the raised funds to spearhead the campaign in 2017. Since the announcement was made in October, the campaign has raised more than $200,000 towards the aid of the Legacy Campaigns which are set to aid the group to sustain it’s $100,000 daily campaigns. Thanks to the Highland Capital Management Company for their great support. For the company to ensure that the campaign is successful, immediate funding is necessary.

James also said that this grant would answer to the calls of action through Mike Rawlings. According to Dondero, the Dallas Civic Community has its part to do.

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