James Dondero Brings Hippo’s Back To The Dallas Zoo

James Dondero is not your typical businessman. Beginning his career in the finance industry started for Mr. Dondero when he attended the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce; This is where he would achieve his Bachelor of Science degrees in both Accounting and Finances. The first establishment to hire James was JP Morgan Chase & Company where James quickly worked through their financial training program and moved on to his dream job at American Express. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero. After a few years of successful work with different establishments, James Dondero decided that it was time to open up his own financial company, and so Highland Capital Management was born. Not long after the creation of his business, Dondero quickly turned it into a profitable company and earned himself a spot at the top of the list for best alternative credit managers in the world. James Dondero always knew that he wanted his success to account for more than fattening his wallet and bank accounts or for acquiring the more exceptional things in life. After consulting with friends in the finance world, James decided that he must make a foundation that supported the care and keeping of Dallas Texas, and vowed to support any other establishment that held the same values. Follow James on Linkedin.

Unfortunately, in 2001 the Dallas Zoo chose to close their hippo habitat after their last hippopotamus has passed on. For nearly two decades the visitors to the Dallas Zoo have had no Hippo Habitat to visit and have reached out in an outpouring of requests that the zoo reinstates the exhibit for families to enjoy once again. Thanks to the hard work and generous donations from James Dondero and fellow Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists who joined forces with the Highland Dallas Foundation, the Dallas Zoo was able to open up a beautiful two-acre habitat for their two new hippo’s to roam around in and live peaceful lives. The hope is that these hippos will mate one day and support the population of the endangered hippopotamus and it is all thanks to the generosity of successful philanthropists who are devoted to making a difference in Dallas.

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