Interviewing the entrepreneur Doe Deere

At first glance, Doe Deere is noticeably colorful. She keeps her hair bright Lisa Frank art colors. Looking closer you’ll notice that her make up is as bright as your hair color. When she speaks you can detect her light Russian accent. She was born there and came to United States to study fashion and to try a music career. Instead she took on a much different path. Hpath was to start her own make up company called Lime Crime cosmetics. The brightly colored make up she has and her bald hair color products that she sells on her primarily online business web store. Here are some words of wisdom that she has stated for other entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own online business.


Be open to new ideas

When you first start your online business, you may have your mind set on doing one service or selling a certain type of product and that’s it. Doe Deere initially started her online business by selling clothing not make up. Her clothing sales were pretty solid for her first year of business starting in 2004. She often modeled the clothing she was selling and warm brightly colored make up for these photos. She had numerous customers ask her about the stage make up that she often used. Because of this interest and bright colored make up she decided to start her own make up line on her online store in 2008. Her make up line and it up being more lucrative than her clothing sales, so she switched to make a product being her business focus. When you have an online business things like this can happen. It’s good to always have a gauge on what your customers want to buy and what sells the most, even if you have to change with your original plan was.


Doubts happen

When you start your business you will have doubts. Doe Deere says that when she first started Lime Crime, she doubted if she would have sales for her clothing line. She had attended Institute of Fashion in New York, but she decided to drop out to focus her energy on starting a fashion business. She wasn’t sure if this was her final career path either. Her doubts still didn’t stop her from pushing for her dream to be an entrepreneur. The doubts continued on even when she was having sales of her fashion line. It wasn’t until she began her make up line that she had more confidence with her business. It’s likely that you also will have doubts when you start a business. It may not be until you find your niche -just as Doe Deere did- that you will have more confidence. Having doubts is not a bad thing and it will push you to work harder on developing your business.


It’s all About the Marketing Strategy

When you have a business of your own you have to develop a marketing strategy. Doe Deere has used a few different marketing strategies for her business. She writes a blog where she discusses her beauty routines and some of her personal stories. She keeps her blog link to her web store, which creates a regular stream of people reading between the two webpages. She uses her own products. When you have a business people trust it more if you are using your own products. This allows you to truthfully speak about what your products can because this way you know exactly how they work. Doe Deere utilizes social media pages to advertise for her business. Positive commentary on her social media pages helps her business, but she finds that the negative feedback is also important to pay close attention to. When a customer says what they want from your products, you should answer that.


Being an entrepreneur in the 21st century is in ways easier and harder than in the past. Online businesses make it fairly easy to start a business. Competition of online business and the challenge of properly marketing the business are parts of 21st century entrepreneurship more difficult. Remember to embrace new ideas. Acknowledge when you have doubts but don’t let it deter you from trying out having a business you believe in. Keep in mind always that it’s all about the marketing. If you take these words of wisdom from Doe Deere and apply it to your business, you have a shot in the zany world of 21st-century entrepreneurship. Learn more: