Ingenuity, Passion & Excellence: LimeCrime Cosmetics

Popular, fascinating and exciting truly describes the beauty business! For those who don’t want to undergo invasive cosmetic procedures, makeup products can drastically update your appearance. This industry is all about making a statement. Cosmetics just so happen to be some of the best products for doing so because they’re so eclectic. The industry is full of very good brands, but it also has its bad apples. When it comes to producing great cosmetics, LimeCrime stands at the forefront, and it has helped to reshape this landscape in a variety of ways.

What makes this brand so great? Well, the answer to this question is very simple because LimeCrime is very innovative in its actions. The company is animal cruelty-free, and it’s certified vegan. How many other makeup companies can actually live up to these standards. Doe Deere, founder, is an animal lover through and through. None of this brand’s products are tested on animals and that is a fact. This brand is also recognized by PETA, and it is certified by The Leaping Bunny Program. The company is very strict on following its principles. It has even gone as far to removing beeswax from its Opaque Lipstick Collection. On top of that, by reformulating its waterproof eye-shadow helpers, the company is now 100 percent vegan. What more can you ever ask for and what else is there to say?

Products, products and more products. One of the best attributes from this brand is that is has a huge list of products to choose from. Glitter, lip toppers, nail polish, liquid-matte lipsticks, foundation, eyeliner and other products are being purchased on a daily basis. LimeCrime is the go-to brand of the 21st century because it has raised the bar higher, and it is currently changing the status quo.