Infinity Group Australia’s Innovation in Helping People Get Out of Debt Leads them to Top 5% of Companies in Australia

Brandon Ferguson, a journalist for the website Affiliate Dork, recently published an article titled “Graeme Holm Accepts Prestigious Award for Infinity Group Australia.” The article details how the new financial company won one of the most prestigious business awards and were named as the 58th most innovative company in Australia and New Zealand. The Australian Financial review publishes its Top 100 Most Innovative Companies list every year and reaches more than 1.8 million people, providing incredible publicity for the company. The win also suggests that Infinity Group Australia is one of the top 5.8% of businesses in New Zealand and Australia.


Graeme Holm began Infinity Group Australia after spending nearly two decades in the financial industry. He worked for the top four banks for nearly a decade and had accreditation in financial planning, financial services, and real estate. However, he started the company with his partner Rebecca after discovering the pain of Australian families and their financial woes. He wanted to create a company that would use personal trainer tactics to help the families live better lives with less financial problems.


He spent months looking into the problems of the financial market and developing solutions. He discovered that the Australian mortgage market was a huge concern for many families who wanted to own a home without ruining their financial lives. He saw that many people, including individuals as well as families, didn’t have the advice, assistance, guidance or support to solve their financial issues. Graeme Holm saw that many practices of the banks caused harm to the financial lives of those who took out loans.


To create a solution, Graeme Holm wanted to provide a service that would address all the different categories of getting out of debt, particularly focusing on helping people develop better spending and budgeting habits. Most companies that provide loans simply do not have the coaching or financial education to help people understand the root of their problems. That’s why Infinity Group Australia uses personal training tactics to help their clients understand the road to financial success. Each client receives personalized training and literature while consistently looking in on the clients to see if they are reaching their short-term financial goals.


Graeme Holm’s company has helped their customers pay off more of their debt in the first 90 days of working with Infinity Group Australia than they paid off the entire year before. Learn more: 12