Infinity Group Australia Brings Super-deals to Credit Customers in Australia.

Infinity Group Australia came into existence at the time when most of the Australian common credit customers needed its intervention in the financial market. The providers of the financial and credit services had exploited the customers to the extent of clients preferring to remain with their financial troubles instead of seeking the help of these institutions. This was because often after the customers borrowed funds from the lending companies, disagreements would follow afterward as a result of the customers defaulting the loan repayment or delaying in the repayment process. During that period, the founder of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm, had been an employee at one of the giant financial institutions in the capital city of Australia. He examined the kind of relationships that were emanating from the borrowing and lending processes and noted that there existed a huge underlying problem between the two parties.


This was when Graeme Holm decided that he would dig deeper into the problem so that he could figure out the cause and maybe a solution to the issue. After keen observation, he noted that the defaulting and delays by the borrowers were from the misunderstanding of the terms and conditions of the loans from these financial institutions, which could be solved by providing brief explanations to the credit customers. On other cases, Graeme observed that the clients often got to the defaulting or delaying stage as a result of financial constraints that resulted from the poor management of their income such that it became difficult for them to cater to their daily financial needs and at the same time refund the borrowed money.


This research by Graeme Holm was the end of agony by the credit customers in Australia because immediately he concluded on the analysis, he went ahead to providing solutions to the problems that he had identified. With the help of his wife, Rebecca Walker, Holm began Infinity Group Australia with the intention of solving the underlying issues that he had identified in his research. One practical initiative with which they opted to begin was the training for the customers on matters relating to financial and debt management. The customers learned how to strike sound balances on their finances to avoid financial constraints.


The clients of Infinity Group Australia also learned about the control of their expenditures and hence would have sufficient amount to repay their outstanding loan balances. Graeme Holm made this training compulsory to all the customers who sought credit assistance from the firm so that they could avoid disputes during the repayment period. Learn more :