Indian street food to be the big food trend in 2018

In 2017, it appears that Mexican street food became all the rage. According to Business Insider, the trend in 2018 is likely to be Indian street food. This kind of food is going to be centered on smoked, grilled or seared meats that will be bathed in some rather heavy sauces.


Scallops in pickled ginger is just one of the dishes that are going to be getting big thanks to this burgeoning trend. One of the big reasons why Indian street food could become the “it” thing for foodies, is because there are all kinds of ways that this could breed a kind of “hybrid” food. This could mean anything from small dishes that you can eat your plastic forks and spoons, to burgers that will have the special spices and sauces you would expect in this area.


One has to wonder if these Indian foods might also end up being a perfect fit for yet another food trend that is expected to get bigger next year. The fourth meal is one that more and more people are trying to squeeze into their day. There have long been scientists that talk about the fact that it’s actually healthier to eat a little something here and there throughout the day. These studies say it’s better to keep your body burning food rather than starving it from lunch to dinner.


This doesn’t mean people are going to sit down for a massive meal with all the trimmings. Rather this would be something that someone could grab quickly and easily just to feed that little late afternoon craving. It seems like a small food cart that s serving Indian street food down the street from where you work could certainly be a business that would be positively affected by this second trend.


The fact of the matter is that when it comes to food, there is likely to be a third one that no one has seen coming that will pop up at some point next year.