Incredible Financial Planning Process by Richard Blair

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm that allows its clients to grow, protect, and manage their wealth. He is a highly experienced and qualified investment advisor with several certifications including CFS, RICP, CES, and CAS. The firm operates as a registered Investment Advisory firm under the authority in Austin, Texas.

Incredible financial planning process followed by Wealth Solutions

According to Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, people need a consolidated plan to pursue their financial goals. As such, he commits to arming the Austin, Texas community with skills in wealth management and retirement planning. Wealth Solutions has a three pillar approach used to discover their clients’ financial position quickly. Additionally, the three pillar approach helps Wealth Solutions to compile a holistic financial plan customized for each customer.

Pillar 1

Through this pillar, Wealth Solutions identifies clients’ goals, strengths, opportunities, and risk tolerance to help them lay out their financial roadmap. By understanding the financial situation of a client, Wealth Solutions can help them forge a greater financial roadmap.

Pillar 2

At this pillar, Wealth Solutions develops a long-term strategy to meet specific investment needs of a client. The pillar is tailored to a particular client’s investment needs and liquidity. Through Wealth Solutions, Blair reallocates and manages assets to enhance maximum performance of a portfolio while reducing the expected risk.

Pillar 3

After establishing strategies to achieve clients’ goals, Blair accounts for their insurance needs such as life insurance and annuities.

About Richard Blair

Having been born to a family of educationists, Richard has always been drawn to the world of education. His passion for teaching came from his firsthand experience with professionals in the world of education. It is from them that Blair witnessed that teaching was significant in the growth of knowledge and confidence.

Richard Blair combined his experience in teaching with his natural gift in finance to establish Wealth Solutions to help residents of Austin, Texas in investment and financial planning. Upon graduating from college in 1993, Richard Blair started his career in the financial advisory industry.

A year later, he founded Wealth Solutions, to offer unbiased and objective financial advice to his clients. Over time, Richard Blair has honed his experience in retirement planning. As such, he helps clients in reducing the gap between retirement planning and life after retirement.

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