Imran Haque and North Carolina – Asheboro and Ramseur

Imran Haque is a medical doctor that serves rural areas of central North Carolina. He has worked in this region since he got done with a residency program so he could be licensed to practice internal medicine in 2001. Dr. Imran Haque graduated from college with a medical doctorate from a school in the Caribbean, then he went to the University of Virginia to work for his residency. He found that rural areas often didn’t have the best-served communities, which is why he decided to move into the underserved areas of North Carolina and help boost up the people of the Tar Heel state.

Dr. Haque has been in the same areas of North Carolina for more than fifteen years, seeing more than one thousand individual patients each year. He owns Horizon Internal Medicine, a network of two medical practices. One is located in Asheboro, the other in Ramseur, both cities in North Carolina. He is always taking new patients. Dr. Haque works so much, he always has time for new ones in a reasonable length of time.

Thanks to working in the rural areas around the University of Virginia, Imran knew from early on that he needed to help people that didn’t always have what they need. Imran offers a number of different services, ranging from diabetes management to weight management help. He can even take away unsightly hairs, wrinkles, or other problematic areas patients might have problems with.

360 resurfacing is another popular procedure offered by Dr. Haque. It uses lasers that reshape the skin to make patients’ bodies look and feel better. Rural residents don’t always get to worry about their bodies looking good, and might not be able to afford medical help in the first place.

Dr. Haque is truly a godsend for the entire state of North Carolina – just ask any of his many patients and more