I’ll Have Bacon and Eggs for Lunch

There’s a saying in Colorado “if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes”. This may be similar to fad diets and food choices. It may take a little longer than ten minutes; however, if you wait long enough, the next trend will circle around and dispel everything you have been doing in the name of good health and diet. You will soon learn that you have been sabotaging yourself.

I was drawn to a recent article in The New York Times titled,”Sorry, There’s Nothing Magical about Breakfast”. How could this be; for years I’ve been preaching to my children that they need to eat breakfast? It would help their grades and allow them to focus better in class. Basically, anything bad that happened during the day could’ve been avoided had they eaten breakfast.

The article explains that the science behind obesity, weight loss, academics and a good breakfast are not sound. Scientists found that you can lose weight and do well in school without starting your day with breakfast. If this is true, this means one less daily battle for me and my children.

What my children don’t know is that for the past few months I have been secretly skipping breakfast. I am not one for fad diets however, I recently read about intermittent fasting (IF) and its many benefits. It made sense. The benefits from fasting date back to ancient times. Again, circling back…

This sounded manageable. It wasn’t as much about what I ate, as it was when I ate. The plan was to fast for 16 hours after your last meal, leaving eight hours for eating. For example, if you ate dinner at 7:00 PM, you couldn’t eat the next day until 11:00 am. That sounded reasonable.

For years I was under the assumption that to function well in life, I had to start the day with breakfast. After all, I grew up with the understanding that breakfast is the meal you eat to “break the fast”. Now I break my fast a little closer to lunch and feel great. So while there may not be anything magical about eating breakfast, there may be something about not having it; at least for now.