IC Systems Leads the Way for Women in the Business World

In a world mostly dominated by males in the business sphere, Ruth Erickson is one of the few women who have made a name for themselves. She presently runs her dad’s company IC Systems. It was founded in 1938, and designed to achieve financial resolutions between clients and customers. Ruth Erickson took over the company after her father’s passing, and has worked long hours to reach its modern national status. A recent article on the website Release Fact discusses how IC Systems has shaped Ruth Erickson.


At the beginning of Ruth Erickson’s leadership over IC Systems, she would personally visit all the local stores to advertise her business. It was common for companies to handle their own credit accounts for customers at the time, and her determination caused many people to be won over by her. Eventually technologically caught up to the process, which allowed for further growth from IC Systems. The company ultimately reached a point where it needed an endorsement from a nationally recognized brand to make the next step.


IC Systems would hit the national stage when they received their first endorsements from the Texas Medical Association and the Massachusetts Dental Society. The effects of Ruth Erickson’s leadership can be seen up and down the company. It boasts a strong female presence within the company from the employees to the stake holders, while also holding a certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. IC Systems has never strayed away from its core humble origins along the way.


In a business world where women are steadily gaining positions of power, Ruth Erickson and IC Systems are a guiding light for the upcoming generation. They are proof that a female lead company with earnest workers and honest business practices can be successful in a competitive environment. IC Systems has earned the respect of countless companies in the industry, and has a loyal consumer base whom use the service regularly.