How Talkspace Can Help People Grieving Over A Deceased Pet

Losing a pet can be very hard on people’s mental health. They often become part of the family but compared to people they have short lifespans for the most part, outside of pet turtles or parrots. Despite this most people love to have pets in their homes, which accounts for why 70% of American homes have one. There are many rewards for being a pet owner such as being happier or getting more exercise outside playing or walking with your dog.

Having a pet is especially helpful for people who intellectual or developmental disabilities. A pet which is with them out in public acts as a social buffer, for instance. It also helps boost their self-confidence. Older people also really benefit from having a pet as they don’t feel quite as lonely. Many therapists work to keep senior citizens and pets together as they both benefit from this interaction.

However, when a pet dies it can be very hard to deal with. In New York City there is an app called Talkspace which helps people dealing with losses like this as well as many of life’s other challenges. Once you install the app on your smartphone you fill out your information and you are paired up with a great therapist. You can be anonymous if you so choose by making a username that isn’t your actual one.

Talkspace is mostly text-based therapy. However, you and your therapist can also send audio, video, and photos to one another through this app. Beyond your smartphone, you can also use Talkspace on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. It’s also much more convenient than traditional therapy since you don’t have to drive to an appointment and you can send a text to your therapist whenever you so desire. Most therapists respond back at least twice a day.