How Sweetgreen Came To Be

Nathaniel Ru talked of how they founded Sweetgreen with his friends during the Wharton Marketing Conference that was held recently. Nathaniel said it was during their senior year at the Georgetown University that they faced the challenge of finding an excellent eatery that serves healthy foods and is fun. He said that this drove them to come up with the idea of opening an eatery at M Street.


Nathaniel stated that they found out that the best place to set up the eatery was on a 560 square-foot tavern located on M Street. He talked of how they persuaded the landlord until she agreed to meet with them. They came up with a good business plan and looked for an architect. He says that the small eatery that they began six years ago on M Street has now grown to be a 21-storey restaurant chain known as Sweetgreen. Nathaniel stated that he is now grateful that they decided to open the eatery.


Sweetgreen currently has stores in the main cities in Northeast. They have suburbs in Washington, Philadelphia, and New York. The restaurant chain offers food that is healthy and fresh and purchases most of its ingredients from the local farmers and purveyors. Theresa Dold is the head of marketing of Sweetgreen. She said that Sweetgreen is more than a place to acquire food and that the restaurant chain has a deeper purpose apart from the salads.


Theresa stated that Sweetgreen aims to be smart, sexy, social, and local. She added that the restaurant chain throws a music festival each year. It has an exceptional line of juices. Nathaniel Ru said that every store must live up to the company’s core values and rightfully serve the community regardless of the number of stores that Sweetgreen has. Nathaniel Ru stated that whatever you do should last longer than you and that each decision that you make should be long term.


Nathaniel Ru is the Co-founder and CEO of Sweetgreen. He is termed as a key innovator when it comes to business and food. He has led Sweetgreen to be named as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies. He studied at the Georgetown University where he met his co-founders of Sweetgreen. He has been listed by Forbes on their list of 30 under 30 and 40 Big Food Thinkers. Nathaniel serves as the Creative Director of Sweetgreen and is responsible for overseeing the feel and look of Sweetgreen restaurant chains.

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