How Susan McGalla is Approaching Women in the Workplace

Susan McGalla has been someone to watch over the past several years as she has cemented herself as one of the most important women in the world of business. As the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the NFL franchise, Pittsburgh Steelers, McGalla showcases herself as a high profile leader in an executive position. McGalla has known all of her life that there has been systemic gender discrimination at the highest ladders of the workforce and now she stands tall as someone who overcame them. Now, McGalla is working closely with her own company in order to help steer future businesses toward a more inclusive workplace — for the better of everyone involved.

Taking a look at statistics it can be wild to see just how much better companies perform when they have an open and inclusive position on bringing other genders and ethnicity into high ranking positions. Of course, qualification is still the top of the traits ladder, but still the numbers are staggering. Companies that have more women in leadership positions tend to be 15% more successful. Companies that focus on having a diverse staff are an eye popping 35% more successful. Bringing the best candidate to the position, irrespective of race or gender, typically improves a company by leaps and bounds. Still, 75% of top executive positions in this country are held by men and the majority of them are of one single race.

Susan McGalla has set her sights on reformation at the executive level so that more professional women can get a chance to stand out. McGalla doesn’t believe in the tried and tired ‘women first’ initiatives because she fundamentally doesn’t think that they are effective. If these initiatives were at all effective there would be more change by now. Instead, McGalla is focused on her work with the P3 Executive Consulting.

P3 Executive Consulting focuses on executive sponsorship. It is where a sponsor comes into a high ranking office to sponsor an executive and guide them toward highly qualified, prepared female candidates. This sponsorship program has a direct impact on getting more women into high ranking positions in the workplace.