Highland Capital Management Plans To Invest Heavily In Argentina

Highland Capital Management is a private equity firm established 25 years ago by James Dondero who is also the current president of the firm. Mark Okada also played prominent roles in the establishment and growth of the company.

While it has offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and New York, Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Even though it has several competencies, its major products are Growth Capital and Leveraged buyout. In 2014, its total assets have been estimated to be worth about $18.7 billion and it has more than 100 employees in its payroll and still counting. Read this article at investopedia.com.

The company specializes in the management of distressed investments, structured investments, and hedge funds. While the company invests in fixed income, hedging markets, and public equity, it has particular interest in structured products, high yield bonds, and leveraged loans.

Due to James Dondero’s interest in philanthropy, his firm has been donating hugely to beneficial causes and organizations. It donated up to $1 million for the restructuring and re-opening of the hippos’ habitat in the Dallas Zoo. In the earlier part of 2018, the company donated a whopping sum of $10 million to George W. Bush Presidential Center. Apart from these few, the company has donated huge amount of money to other projects and may still do more. Visit hcp.com to know more.

One of their key strength is their investment team. The team has an average of 11 years of cognate experience. So, why won’t the company excel? Their investment process is based on time-tested analysis, trading capabilities, diligence, and monitoring.

Argentina used to be the third strongest Latin American economy with well-educated citizens but several years of political turmoil brought it down to its knees. However, since the current administration has been working to reverse its fortune, a lot of investors are beginning to see prospects in the country and they are beginning to invest in the country.

Highland Capital Management is among the companies that still believe in the Latin American country and as such, the company is raising its stake in the country big time. For instance, the company is planning to expand its equity holdings in Argentina.

Right now, Argentina’s equity market is still relatively small. However, the changes in its economic policies and the improved business terrain have led to a tremendous improvement in its liquidity, making its economy more viable.

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